Modern Learners Community

Where people gather to learn.

Modern Learners Community

Get curious. This community is filled with people learning together. As a result of their learning, they clarify their commitments, simplify their work, and change their lives.

Here are the actions to take once you're inside:

  • Work through our collection of professional development courses
  • Engage in weekly discussions via our forums, articles, podcasts, the Weekend Wonderings, live events, and more
  • Start and lead conversations in the community instead of just being a listener 
  • Build relationships with others in the community by sharing ideas, receiving/giving feedback, and offering support
  • Advocate for learning over achievement
  • Interact with others to talk about what it means to be a modern learner

Community Members also go on to do things like:

  • Share their experiences at live events
  • Guest blog on the Modern Learners website
  • Become guests on the Modern Learners podcast
  • Serve as mentors to new Modern Learners Community members

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