Let’s Design a More Joyful Learning Experience


We’ve been waiting for change to come… and now it’s here. But it’s not exactly what we had hoped for.


You’ve been in the education business to make a difference. You feel frustrated knowing that so many learners are slipping through the cracks.

Even though the pandemic shifted everything everything seemingly overnight and you’re ready to get back to normal, you’re also faced with the reality that “normal” wasn’t all that great to begin with. You believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new, better “normal”.

While you wish there was a “magic bullet” solution, you know there are things that will take time to change.

You’re ready to work… all you need is some guidance and support.

The Modern Learners Community is like a training program, a support group, and a mastermind all rolled up in one.

We want to help you create an inclusive, joyful environment for your learners. One where every learner can finally reach their full potential… and feel seen every step of the way.

We don’t just give you the tools for change. We help you dig deep, ask the tough questions, and purposefully design the type of experience that makes learners and educators alike flourish.

As a Modern Learners Community member, you get more than just professional development courses. You’re also plugged into a network of people who can support you in your next big goal. You’ll never feel alone in this battle because you’ll be surrounded by people who can help you get on the right track again.

Modern Learners Community will help you stay up to date on everything going on in education, solve complex problems, grow in your professional identity, and create change much more quickly than you could by yourself.

Here’s How We Do It


Ultimately, any successful movement relies on people who are committed to making changes.

Being a member of the Modern Learners’ Community will put you in good company! There are over 900 educators in our global network who are having a lasting, positive, and inclusive impact on schools.

Our group of education professionals includes principals, assistant principals, teachers, instructional coaches, consultants, curriculum specialists, technologists, superintendents, assistant superintendents, school psychologists, technology coordinators, student services coordinators, program directors, directors of clinical services, learning coordinators, board members, parents, and more!

Many of our members have decades of experience in the school system, and we’re all about sharing and learning with each other.

2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES because educators are learners first.

We know that in order to create a good learning environment, we have to be learners as well.

Modern Learners puts a great deal of emphasis on staying current with what’s going on in the world, our industry, and the lives of our learners.

That’s why we’ve created a suite of professional development workshops and courses that will help you and your schools perform even better.

You’ll gain access to courses on inquiry leadership strategies, assessment design, instructional coaching, establishing community partnerships, online professional learning, and more!


Have the important conversations that motivate and drive chance. 

Our community stands for the belief that real change happens only if we’re willing to speak up and have the conversations that matter.

Every week, in the Modern Learners Community online hub, you’ll find a wide range of engaging conversations to join – including themed topics (e.g. learner agency, assessment, literacy, digital safety, culture, learning design, etc), new podcast episodes and blog articles, research polls, the Friday Five (an ongoing series where we curate and share 5 thought-provoking posts) and more.

You can also take part in live virtual events where you can chat with your fellow education professionals in real-time about important news and events and the work you are doing in your school.


  • A suite of self-paced professional development courses, including:
    • Navigating Inquiry Leadership
    • Collaborative Leadership Essentials
    • Coaching and Professional Partnerships
    • Reimagining Assessment
    • 10 Principles of Modern Learning
    • Designing Online Professional Learning
  • 24/7 access to a private online community website, so you can focus on what matters without the distraction of other platforms like Facebook groups 
  • A network of 900+ education professionals from around the world dedicated to creating better learning and teaching experiences for all
  • Access to ongoing forums where we gather to have the conversations that matter, get answers to pressing questions, stay up-to-date on current events in education (and beyond), and share our expertise with each other
  • Invitations to live virtual events where you can network and communicate with your peers


  • Your passion is creating a better education experience for learners and educators alike 
  • You try your best to keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of education (and beyond)
  • You’ve made (or at least recommended) changes in your local school system 
  • You want to see change happen on a grander scale
  • You’ve been involved in conversations about how to get it done
  • You have no idea what to do next, but you’re willing to put in the work to figure it out

Modern Learners Success Path

We want being part of the Modern Learners Community to help you to grow. Not just for a little while, but for the rest of your time in academia.

Here are the actions to take once you're inside:

  • Work through our collection of professional development courses
  • Engage in weekly discussions via our forums, articles, podcasts, the Friday 5, live events, and more
  • Start and lead conversations among the community instead of just being a listener 
  • Build relationships with others in the community by sharing ideas, receiving/giving feedback, and offering support
  • Advocate for Modern Learning in your local school community (and beyond)
  • Interact with your students and staff and talk about what it means to be a modern learner

Community Members also go on to do things like:

  • Share their experiences at live events
  • Guest blog on the Modern Learners website
  • Become guests on the Modern Learners podcast
  • Serve as mentors to new Modern Learners Community members

Meet our Modern Learners Community Managers

Lyn has 20 years of Lynn has 20 years of experience as an educational leader, having served as an elementary school principal, an instructional technology coach, and as a teacher on both the elementary and middle school levels. As community manager, she works hard to share relevant and inspiring content with you… and to ensure that MLC is a place you consider your learning home.

Hazel is a founding member of the Modern Learners Community. Before retiring, she spent nearly 4 decades working in the education field — serving as a teacher, principal, and Superintendent of Schools. At the core of her beliefs is the idea that education should be not only innovative, but learner-centered. She believes MLC is the perfect place for educators who want to build a truly equitable learning environment.

What our members are saying:

"MLC has transformed my thinking on how to take action in creating the schools that our students desperately need. More than a map, Change School is a set of navigation principles that help leaders deploy strategies, initiate conversations, and move forward on making our dreams of what school can and should be a reality. For anyone interested in the future of education, Change School is the place to be!"
Michael Maloy

"I have long felt like a lone voice in the wilderness, when it comes to modern learning. The Change School interactions allowed me to develop my own thoughts through discourse with like minded professionals from around the world. The co-creation of my playbook, along with the Change School team's gentle provocations, was exhilarating and solidified my ideas and my planning towards improvement. Whilst my brain hurt often, I loved every minute."
Steven Kendal Jones

"Participating in MLC has been the most significant professional development experience I have ever been part of and has transformed my thinking as a school leader. The experience to connect with so many passionate change leaders all over the world was a privilege. In one of my posts early on I had written, “I feel like the curtain had been pulled back in the Wizard of Oz and I can’t look at or hear anything the same again…” I am thankful for this opportunity and thankful to have so many new ideas that will result in students having more of a say in their learning environment."
Nicole Bottomly

Join Us! See for yourself what it feels like to be in a community of leaders and learners designing more joyful learning experiences.

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